Program Information

Is Elon Academy a private school?

No. Elon Academy is not a high school. It is a summer and Saturday program that supplements the services students receive in their high schools.

Do students still attend their “home” schools if accepted into Elon Academy?

Yes. Students complete high school at their own schools. They attend the Academy for a month during each summer and once a month on Saturdays during the academic year.

Do students have to attend Elon University after high school graduation?

No. Our goal is for students to find the best college match for their particular interests and values. Some students come to Elon, but we take scholars on many college visits to experience a variety of options.

Are students guaranteed admission to Elon University after completing 3 years of Elon Academy?

No. Only students who meet the criteria for admission to Elon may be accepted at Elon.

Will Elon Academy pay for me to go to college? Is it a scholarship program?

No. We help scholars find scholarships, but we do not provide scholarship money.

Is Elon Academy a summer camp?

The Academy is an academic program, not a summer camp. However, there are lots of engaging activities in the evenings and weekends for students to enjoy when they are not in class.

Criteria for Admission

Is this a program for academically gifted students?

Not necessarily. The Academy is for any student who demonstrates academic promise and is willing to work hard to pursue a college education.

May a student apply if they do not live in Alamance County?

The Academy is for Alamance County students and students attending high school in the Alamance-Burlington School System (ABSS).

May a student apply if they are home-schooled?

Yes. Home-schooled students are welcome to apply if they live in Alamance County.

Can I join as a sophomore in high school or only as a freshman?

No. We only take students as part of a cohort in 9th grade.

Do you accept (international/undocumented) students?

We do not ask about citizenship status, however, it is important that any students who are international/undocumented know that federal and state funding is not available to them so they will need exceptionally high grades to earn merit-based scholarships.

Do you accept students with learning differences?


Is the Elon Academy only for students of color?

No. About 1/3rd of our students are African-American, 1/3rd Hispanic, and 1/3rd White. We also have bi-racial students, Native American students, and Asian students.

If it is so competitive to get into Elon Academy, why should a student bother to apply?

It is competitive, but we are looking for a wide variety of students and you never know if you will be selected. One thing for sure, if you don’t apply then it is guaranteed that you won’t get in.


Program Expectations

What are the expectations of Elon Academy scholars?

We have very high expectations of our scholars. Our primary expectations are that each scholar use their resources, use feedback for self-improvement, be proactive, maintain regular communication with staff, prioritize attendance at all Elon Academy events, and look for growth opportunities. To remain in the program students must consistently demonstrate academic, social, and emotional growth.

What if I can only come to part of the summer program?

To remain in the Elon Academy, scholars must be present for the entire summer program. No other plans can be made during this time.



What is the cost for Elon Academy scholars and families?

The Elon Academy is offered at no cost to scholars and families. However, it costs almost $500,000 per year to operate the Elon Academy program. Although the Elon Academy was launched by Elon University, the program is not funded through tuition dollars. The sustainability of the Academy is dependent on the generosity of individuals, businesses, foundations, and organizations.

Why does Elon Academy only accept less than 30 students per year?

The program is very expensive. It costs approximately $22,000 to support each scholar to and through college. We have to stay within our budget. If we could raise more funds we could increase the number of students.


How many Elon Academy Scholars are accepted into college?

100% of Scholars who complete the high school portion of the Elon Academy program are accepted into college.

What type of financial support do your scholars receive?

The Elon Academy does NOT provide college financial support.  However, in the 2019 high school graduating Elon Academy class, almost 50% of students had all college expenses covered.

Do scholars have the same opportunities in college as other students?

Yes, scholars have all the same opportunities in college as other students. For example, 25% of sophomore and junior college scholars have participated in a Study Abroad program.

How successful are scholars once they go to college?

Please see Fast Facts.