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Family Programs

The Elon Academy recognizes that family support is important to a scholar's academic success. The Elon Academy Family Network was created to assist families with learning about college access and success by becoming active participants in the program and in their student’s individual college journey. Elon Academy families provide valuable feedback on all aspects of the program and assist with planning and implementation of family events. To encourage each family's active participation and ensure that they are receiving information in the language in which they are most comfortable, Spanish interpretation is provided at all major family programs and events. Resources for families are also available on our website.

Elon Academy Families

When scholars are accepted into the Elon Academy, all family members become part of the Elon Academy family network. Family support and participation in programming is valued and encouraged and will ensure that scholars receive the maximum benefit of their Elon Academy experience. Opportunities for families to be involved in their scholar’s college journey with the Elon Academy exist during both the academic and the summer programs.

The Elon Academy hosts four half-day Saturday programs each academic year for families that are designed to help family members identify ways to support their scholar in making college a reality. Family programs cover college access and success topics such as the importance of course selection and extracurricular involvement, stress-relief and emotional stability, understanding standardized tests, and financial literacy. These family sessions are tailored to include information relevant to their scholar’s year in school. Parents of high school sophomores receive basic information about college terms and concepts and designing a competitive high school class schedule, while parents of high school juniors learn about the importance of standardized testing and making the most of a college campus visit. Parents of high school seniors learn how to compare financial aid award letters and receive one-on-one help to complete the FAFSA. Session presenters are experts in their field and include staff of the Alamance-Burlington School System, Elon University faculty and staff, and educators from other colleges and universities. The Elon Academy staff work to ensure that sessions are informative and interactive so that families leave with a greater understanding of the pathways to college and feel empowered as they support their scholar on their journey. Twice a year, once per semester, families from all cohorts come together for a family meeting in which staff provides program updates and allow opportunity for feedback regarding programming and activities.
The summer program provides families an opportunity to sit down individually with college planning faculty to review their student’s coursework and grades from the previous year and plan for the school year ahead. Family participation in these summer meetings is vital, as staff elicit their insight and support to encourage successes and strategize ways to overcome challenges.

Also of importance to the Elon Academy is offering opportunities for families to socialize and become a support network for one another. In an effort to foster this, the staff invites the Elon Academy Family network to campus for special programs during the year, such as a holiday celebration, and opening and closing ceremonies for the summer program.

Family partnerships with the Elon Academy do not end with high school graduation. Instead, the Elon Academy shifts its focus from college ACCESS to college SUCCESS. With nearly one quarter of United States first generation college students not returning to college for a second year, admission to college is not a guarantee of graduating from college. Families remain part of the family network and may continue to access Elon Academy staff for information and support regarding college, or for personal needs, such as counseling.