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Recommended High School Curriculum

This is the minimum list of classes we recommend you take while in high school. To become a better candidate for competitive colleges, also consider the list provided below the table and read this document. To download a form where you can keep track of what classes you're taking, click here.

Freshman Year

English I   Physical Education                                
Math **(Algebra I/Integrated Math I)   Elective
Science **(Environmental Science)   Elective
World History   Elective

Sophomore Year

English II   Foreign Language
Math **(Gemoetry/Integrated Math II)   Elective
Science **(Biology/Physical Science)   Elective
Civics and Economics   Elective

Junior Year

English III   Foreign Language
Science **(Chemistry)   Elective
Math **(Algebra II/Integrated Math III)   Elective
U.S. History   Elective

Senior Year

English IV   Elective
Upper Level Science **(Physics)   Elective
Upper Level Math **(Pre-Calculus or Calculus)   Elective
Foreign Language   Elective

** Recommended class for respective year

Recommended Electives

  • Newspaper
  • Yearbook
  • Art
  • Creative Writing
  • Photography
  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Chorus
  • Band/Orchestra
  • Psychology
  • Geography
  • Parenting
  • Medical Careers
  • Agriculture
  • Drafting
  • Foods
  • Political Science
  • Anatomy
  • Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Physics
  • Extra Computer Classes
  • Government
  • European History
  • Earth Science
  • Extra Foreign Language
  • More information here!

AP and Honors Classes are highly recommended and encouraged!

High School Extracurriculars

Click here to view your high school's extracurriculars!


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