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UnHoped For. (2011). The Elon Documentary project, directed by Dr. Brooke Barnett, Associate Professor in the School of Communications, followed the charter Alpha class of the Elon Academy for three years, from admission to the program through acceptance into college.  In 2007, Elon University sophomore Communications Fellows lived with and filmed Elon Academy scholars during the initial summer program and also recorded their involvement in the year-round activities.  For the past four years other communications majors have continued the project.  The documentary demonstrates the transformational nature of a college access program such as the Elon Academy, with the hope that other colleges and universities will be inspired to undertake similar ventures in their own communities. 

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Go-4-College DVD. (2010). Linda Lashendock, Manager of Video Services and Event Production and Tyler West, Elon University Communications Major worked closely with me to produce a DVD about preparing and gaining admission to college. The DVD includes four parts: Preparing for College During High School, Standardized Tests: PSAT, SAT, and ACT, Applying to College, and Paying for College. The target audience includes students, parents, counselors, teachers, and administrators.

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