Elon Computing Sciences

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Course descriptions

The B.A. in Computer Science requires the following courses:

CSC 130 Computer Science I 4 sh
CSC 230 Computer Science II 4 sh
CSC 303 Mobile Computing 4 sh
CSC 330 Computer Science III 4 sh
CSC 331 Algorithm Analysis 4 sh
CSC 335 Programming Languages 4 sh
CSC 443 Computer Systems 4 sh
CSC 462 Software Development/Capstone 4 sh
MTH 241 Discrete Structures 4 sh
Choose one course from the following: 4 sh
MTH 251 Calculus II  
MTH 349 Applied Matrix Theory  
Select one Math course beyond core math requirement 4 sh
  • Probability/Statistics: if core math requirement was Calculus I then
    General Statistics or a probability and/or statistics course
  • Quantitative Analysis: if core math requirement was General Statistics then
    Calculus I

Select two courses from the following:

8 sh
CSC 410 Artificial Intelligence  
CSC 420 Game Programming and Computer Graphics  
CSC 430 Advanced Programming Concepts  
CSC 431 High Performance Computing  
CSC 445 Numerical Analysis  
CSC 499 Research  
CSC 300-400 level elective  
TOTAL   52 sh