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Multimedia Authoring Minor

The Multimedia Authoring minor at Elon provides an interdisciplinary approach to the development of successful and persuasive digital content for all disciplines. Students will have the opportunity to develop communication, design, and technology skills in the context of disciplinary content. These skills are beneficial for graduates in a variety of fields, but are especially relevant in publishing (both new electronic media, as well as traditional media), business marketing, and business consulting.

The multimedia minor will allow students to integrate the study of digital design and writing with a solid technical foundation through core courses in English and Information Science. Students will learn document design and content from the English department where they will address the theory and challenge of developing multimedia with rich technical writing. These design skills will be complemented with courses in Information Science focusing on web-based databases and web servers.

In the final Multimedia Authoring Studio course, students will address a variety of multimedia challenges as well as become production designers for Visions magazine, a peer-reviewed publication written by and for Elon students.

For additional information, contact Michele Kleckner, program coordinator.

Minor Requirements and Courses

A minor in Multimedia Authoring requires the following courses:

ENG 212 Multimedia Rhetorics
ISC 111 Data Science and Visualization
MMA 460 Multimedia Authoring Studio
Eight hours of MMA electives from the following
(or another approved elective):
ART 260 Introduction to Digital Art
ART 360 The Static Image in Digital Art
ART 361 Internet Art 4sh
ART 362 Video Art and Animation 4sh
BUS 304 Introduction to Marketing
(No credit for both BUS 304 and MKT 311)
MKT 311 Principles of Marketing
(No credit for both BUS 304 and MKT 311)
COM 315 Multimedia News Publishing 4sh
COM 322 Corporate Publishing 4sh
COM 324 Television Production 4sh
COM 326 Cinema Production 4sh
COM 350 Web Publishing 4sh
COM 359 Strategies for Emerging Media 4sh
CSC 303 Mobile Computing 4sh
CSC 420 Game Programming and Computer Graphics 4sh
ENG 215 Introduction to Professional Writing and Rhetoric 4sh
ENG 311 Publishing 4sh
ENG 312 Visual Rhetorics 4sh
ISC 310 Human-Computer Interaction 4sh
ISC 325 Data Driven Web Development 4sh
ISC 420 Data Mining and Analytics 4sh

Course description

This course will offer multimedia challenges in the student’s major field of study or related field of interest. For the final project, students will be involved in the editing and creative layout of a publication that is produced each spring. Prerequisites: ENG 212, ISC 111, and 8 hours of MMA electives.

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