Dual-Degree Engineering Program

The unique dual-degree engineering programs at Elon support students in working toward two degrees: one from Elon and one from an engineering university. Elon currently has affiliations with North Carolina State University, Georgia Tech, Pennsylvania State University,Virginia Tech, Columbia University, University of Notre Dame, Washington University in St. Louis, University of South Carolina and North Carolina A&T State University.

Student participating in the program will complete three years at Elon. These years will include a full array of science, mathematics, computer science and Core Curriculum courses along with their discipline-specific courses. Also included will be foundational engineering courses every fall and spring taught by engineering faculty. After finishing these three years at Elon and also satisfying the entry requirements of the affiliate engineering university, the student will transfer to this engineering institution, normally for two more years.

Upon completion of these years of study, a student will receive a Bachelor of Science degree from the engineering school in an area of choice. Students will also receive a B.S. degree from Elon in Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics, Bio-Physics/Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, Computer Sciences/Engineering or Environmental Science/Environmental Engineering. Students must complete Elon’s General Studies program requirements, the engineering core and one of the six options listed above.

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