Course Schedules

All incoming students should connect with their EGR 121 professor during the first week of class to ensure they are registered for the correct courses. 

Students in the Four-Year Engineering Program

The following are examples of four-year plans, including a general plan, a plan for Honors Fellows, and a plan for students who wish to study abroad for a semester.

Course Schedule – General

Course Schedule – Honors Fellows

Course Schedule – Study Abroad

More information on the four-year degree requirements, including details regarding biomedical and computing concentrations, can be found here.

Please contact Dr. Sirena Hargrove-Leak ( for any questions regarding the four-year program.

Students in the Dual-Degree Program

The first two years for students in the Dual-Degree program are the same as those in the general course schedule linked above. More information on the program requirements can be found here.

Please contact Dr. Scott Wolter ( for any questions regarding the dual-degree program.