Course Schedules

All students should connect with their EGR 121 professor during the first week of class to ensure they are registered for the correct courses.

First-Year Students

Students pursuing a four-year Engineering degree at Elon are recommended to take the following courses during their first year:

Fall Semester

MTH 151 – Calculus I (4sh)

ENG 110 – Writing: Argument and Inquiry (4sh) or┬áCOR 110 – Global Experience (4sh)

PHY 221 – University Physics I & Lab (4sh)

EGR 121 – Grand Challenges in Engineering I (3sh)

EGR 122 – Introduction to MATLAB (2sh)

Elon 101 – Orientation (1sh)

Winter Semester

COR – Core Curriculum (4sh)

Spring Semester

MTH 251 – Calculus II (4sh)

COR 110 – Global Experience (4sh) or ENG 110 – Writing: Argument and Inquiry (4sh)

PHY 222 – University Physics II & Lab (4sh)

CSC 130 – Computer Science I (4sh)

EGR 123 – Grand Challenges in Engineering II (2sh)

Students in the Four-Year Engineering Program

The following are examples of four-year plans, including a general plan, a plan for Honors Fellows, and a plan for students who wish to study abroad for a semester.

Course Schedule – General

Course Schedule – Honors Fellows

Course Schedule – Study Abroad

More information on the four-year degree requirements, including details regarding biomedical and computing concentrations, can be found here.

Please contact Dr. Sirena Hargrove-Leak ( for any questions regarding the four-year program.

Students in the Dual-Degree Program

The first two years for students in the Dual-Degree program are the same as those in the general course schedule linked above. More information on the program requirements can be found here.

Please contact Dr. Scott Wolter ( for any questions regarding the dual-degree program.