Engineering Design Minor

The Engineering Design Minor will provide students a foundational engineering skillset that will enable them to apply engineering design for problem solving in non-engineering and non-technical fields. Upon completion of this minor, students will be able to:

  1. Apply engineering design as part of a broad multi-disciplinary approach to addressing societal challenges and user needs.
  2. Engage in continuous, independent learning to explore engineering topics and projects about which they are passionate.
  3. Strengthen professional and service outcomes by cultivating collaborative, responsible practice as strong leaders.
  4. Communicate technical and design information effectively in both written and verbal formats with a range of audiences.

Engineering Design Minor Requirements

Engineering Design Foundations
EGR 1210 (3SH)
EGR 1230 (2SH)

Computing Foundation
EGR 1220 (2SH) or CSC 1300 (4SH)

Math Proficiency
MTH 1510 (4SH)

Engineering Disciplines Exploration
Choose two EGR designated courses, or courses cross-listed with Engineering, totaling 6-8SH

Capstone Design Experience
EGR 221 (3SH)

Total Credit Hours