Dual-Degree Engineering Program

Environmental Science/Environmental Engineering

Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Requirements & Courses

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Core courses

ENS 111/113 Introduction to Environmental Sciences w/lab
ENS 200 Strategies for Environmental Inquiry
CHM 211 Organic Chemistry I w/lab
MTH 329 Probability Theory and Statistics

Ecological Processes (select one)

BIO 215 Diversity of Life
BIO 335 Field Biology
ENS 320 Restoration Ecology
ENS 330 Wildlife Ecology

Social Sciences and Humanities (select two)

POL 224 Environmental Policy and Law
POL 322 State Environment Policy and Administration
POL 344 International Environmental Policy
SOC 334 Environmental Sociology
ENG 318 Science  Writing
ENG 339 American Environmental Writers
COM 331 Environmental Communications
ART 339 Ecological Art
*GIS 250 Introduction to Geographical Systems
*POL 228 U.S. Environmental Law and Politics
*POL 344 Global Environmental Politics


18-28 sh

* or affiliated school equivalent