Dual-Degree Engineering Program

Why Engineering?

Engineers have the opportunity to be of profound service to humanity. Engineers are problem solvers. They apply science and mathematics to create solutions that are intended to be of "benefit to mankind." These solutions can deal with energy, air and water pollution, space travel, biomedicine, construction, computer design, bridge and dam design, and many other interesting areas of study. There are numerous fields of engineering to enter, including Aerospace, Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental, Material Science, Mechanical Engineering and many others.

Why Elon?

The strength of Elon's program is built upon a distinctive undergraduate curriculum that combines courses in the liberal arts and sciences with engineering courses beginning the freshman year. By the time students have completed three years at Elon and two years at an engineering school, they have exceptional career preparation distinguished by broad knowledge in their field and foundational skills essential to the workplace. These students leave this program well-rounded, articulate and highly educated engineers. In particular, Elon's program offers:

  • Small class size with mentoring by faculty who are focused on teaching undergraduates
  • General Engineering taught by experienced engineering faculty. Students will have an engineering course each fall and spring semester while at Elon.
  • Exposure to many types of engineering before a final commitment is made. The program is flexible enough to even allow some adjustment within the science concentrations.
  • A variety of internship possibilities
  • Opportunities to participate in Elon's nationally recognized study abroad program
  • The opportunity to spend early formative years at a small, supportive university.