Elon College Fellows

Meet the Fellows: Jonathan Citty '10

Mathematical and Natural Sciences Fellows

For my Elon College Fellows research project, I looked at alternatives to the traditional PIN password system for mobile touch-screen devices. I designed and developed an image-based password system for a mobile touch-screen device. I completed two lab studies with 15 participants each to determine if image-based password systems are more likely to be remembered by the user than the traditional PIN based system. Based on data obtained from previous research as well as my current lab studies, I found that image-based password systems are valid alternatives to the traditional PIN password system because they are more memorable and provide a much higher security level than PIN-based systems.

Being an Elon College Fellow helped to enrich my undergraduate experience like I never could have imagined. I received exposure to research in all academic disciplines all the way from my Freshman year until I graduated, all of which helped to improve the way I go about solving problems, be they academic or not. The ability to successfully complete an undergraduate research project and have it published in an academic journal is one of the most satisfying feelings in academia, yet without the Elon College Fellows program I would not be able to accomplish this feat. The Elon College Fellows program provided me some of my closest friends at Elon as well as strong academic diligence that will extend into my career in the working world.

After graduating Elon University in May 2010, I will be living in Raleigh, NC and working for Credit Suisse in as a Technical Analyst in the IT operations department.