Congratulations to the 33 Elon College Fellows, Class of 2018, who represent fifteen departments and two interdisciplinary majors within the College of Arts and Class of 2018 Elon College FellowsSciences. Graduating Fellows include Periclean Scholars; Lumen Scholars and members of Phi Beta Kappa, recipients of national fellowships and many other achievements and honors.

2018 Fellows strongly engaged in the five Elon Experiences, preparing them for success after Elon, with all completing a two year mentored research experience culminating in a professional outcome and presentation. Below are a few highlights of engaged learning through the Elon Experiences.

  • Amy Mullen, a double major in Public Health Studies and Policy Studies,   investigated Newcomers and Nursing: Infant Feeding Beliefs and Practices of Recently Settled Refugees with her research mentor Dr. Mussa Idris, Assistant Professor of Anthropology. Amy presented her research at Elon’s Spring Undergraduate Research Form and at the Breastfeeding and Feminism International Conference.
  • Corinne Wilson majored in Dance Performance and Choreography and completed a summer internship as a choreography intern at the McDonald Selznick Associates Dance Agency in Hollywood, California.
  • Matthew Sears, a major in Biology, studied abroad in Panama during winter term 2018 where he conducted research as part of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. His faculty mentor was Dr. Jen Hamel, Assistant Professor of Biology.
  • Alexis Williams who majored in English with a literature concentration and in Spanish, had numerous campus leadership roles including acting as President to the Black Student Union and serving on the President’s Student Leadership Advisory Council.
  • Sandra Pearce majored in Environmental Studies. As a Periclean Scholar she spent two years working in partnership with a community in Zambia to develop a service project. Dr. Steve Braye, Professor of English mentored the Periclean Scholars Class of 2018.

2018 Elon College Fellows leave Elon to engage in exciting opportunities or employment or continued study.  Below are highlights of what comes next.

  • Alexa Trost double majored in Public Health Studies and International and Global Studies. She will serve in the Peace Corp in Swaziland.
  • Annalise Tolley majored in Biology and has accepted a Fellowship to work with the Comprehensive Rural Health Project NGO in India.
  • Alexandra Meads majored in Computer Science and will work as a Technical Associate with MetLife in Tampa, Florida.