If you are interested in becoming an Elon College Fellow, you should:

An invitation to come to campus to compete for a place in the program is based on interest in the arts and sciences, high school performance, expression of academic and other interests, and thoughtfulness of application essay.

Selection is determined after the competition on Fellows Weekend during early March each spring term.

Selection is based chiefly on high school performance and an on-campus interview with a faculty member.

The program seeks students who are passionate about the arts and sciences and who seek to have a deeper experience in their chosen majors by engaging in a two-year project with a faculty mentor.

Fellows are selected by the Elon College Fellows Advisory Committee, composed of Gabie Smith, Dean of Elon College; Nancy Harris, Associate Dean of Elon College and Director of the Elon College Fellows Program; Nina Namaste, Associate Professor of Spanish and Director of Arts and Humanities Fellows; Linda Niedzela, Associate Professor of Biology and Director of the Mathematical and Natural Sciences Fellows; and Kim Epting, Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Social Sciences Fellows.