Elon College Fellows

Program Requirements

The following requirements of the Elon College Fellows Program must be completed in order for a student to graduate as an Elon College Fellow.


• Elon College Fellows Elon 101 (1 credit / fall of first year)
• Elon College Fellows GST 110 (4 credits / fall of first year)
• ECF 111 Paths of Inquiry in the Arts and Sciences (4 credits / winter term of first year)
• ECF 211, 212 or 213 Seminar in Arts and Humanities, and/or Math and Natural Sciences and/or Social Sciences (1 credit / fall of sophomore year)
• ECF 311, 312 or 313 Research Seminar in either Arts and Humanities, or Math and Natural Sciences or Social Sciences (2 credits / fall of junior year), (take seminar related to major)
• 499 Independent Research in the student’s major (4 total credits / accomplished the junior and/or senior years). 1 credit of 499 must be taken concurrently with ECF 311, 312, 313.

Fellows Project

• Develop and complete a high-quality Fellows Project, created with and approved by the faculty mentor in the context of the 4 semester hours of 499 Independent Research in the major
• Produce a professional product or body of work commensurate with the discipline or academic major.
• Make a public presentation of the Fellows Project before a most appropriate audience, including SURF (Student Undergraduate Research Forum), NCUR (National Conferences for Undergraduate Research), at other conferences or through performances and exhibitions.

Intellectual and Community Development

• First Year Fellows Picnic (fall of first year)
• Three Academic Colloquia (fall of first year)
• Sophomore-Junior dinner following Junior Fellows Research Exhibition (fall )
• Rite of Passage (spring of sophomore year)
• Participate in the Junior Fellows Research Exhibition (fall of junior year)
• Senior Celebration Event (spring of senior year)
• Participate in the Leaders of the 21st Century event (Friday prior to Commencement)