Elon College Fellows

Meet the Fellows: Eileen Sorge '09

Biology Major
Mathematical and Natural Sciences Fellows

While at Elon, I participated in the Elon College Fellows program, which gave me the opportunity to become involved in undergraduate research. I majored in biology and had a minor in chemistry; I knew that I wanted to go into the medical field and worked part-time as a certified nursing assistant at a hospital in Raleigh to gain clinical experience.

As a Mathematical and Natural Sciences Fellow, I came to realize the importance of continual questioning and developed a strong sense of self directed learning, which prepared me for the clinical reasoning skills that would become so important in graduate school.

Upon graduation from Elon in 2009, I went directly into the physician assistant program at Wake Forest University. I recently graduated and am about to start my career as a physician assistant in an endocrinology specialty in Raleigh.  As a new PA, I am excited for the lifetime of learning that awaits me. I look forward to mentoring other physician assistant students and hope to play a role in PA education in the future.