Software and Textbooks


The Statistics program at Elon uses SAS© as its primary statistical computing software. R© is also used in upper level statistics courses.


The following is the past book information for the Statistics courses. Please be sure to consult the bookstore or the instructor for the most up to date information on textbooks.

Course Name Text
STS 212/MTH 220: Statistics in ApplicationThe Statistical Sleuth (2nd Edition), by F.L. Ramsey, and D.W. Schafer (Duxbury, 2002)
STS 213: Survey Sampling MethodsElementary Survey Sampling (6th edition), by Richard L. Scheaffer, William Mendenhall III, and R. Lyman Ott (Duxbury, 2006)
STS 232: Statistical ModelingApplied Linear Regression Models (4th edition), by Kutner, Nachtsheim & Neter (McGraw-Hill, 2004)
STS 256: Applied Nonparametric StatisticsIntroduction to Nonparametric Statistics, by James J. Higgins. (Duxbury, 2004)
STS 325: Design & Analysis of ExperimentsIntroduction to Design and Analysis of Experiments, by George Cobb (Key College Publishing, 1998)
STS 327: Statistical Computing (1) The Little SAS Book: A Primer (4th Edition), by L.D. Delwiche and S.J. Slaughter (SAS Institute, 2008)
(2) R in Action, by Robert I. Kabacoff (MEAP, 2009)
STS 341/MTH 329: Probability Theory and StatisticsA Course in Probability, by N.A. Weiss, (Pearson, 2005)
STS 342: Statistical TheoryA Course in Probability, by N.A. Weiss, (Pearson, 2005)