Mathematics and Statistics Scholarships

Richard Carlisle Haworth Mathematics and Statistics Scholarship

First preference will be given to a mathematics or statistics major who is in good standing at Elon University and who has maintained a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or better. Second preference will be to an incoming first-year student who has expressed an interest in mathematics or statistics as a major. Third preference would be to commingle the funds in the general scholarship pool should there be no student(s) who meet the first and second preference.

2023-2024: Cade Missimer, Bailey Reutinger

2022-2023: Denny Dunmire, Chris Boyette, Grace Simpson, Bailey Reutinger

2021-2022: Alex Lagarde, Grace Simpson

2020-2021: Alex Lagarde, Sara Armstrong, Timothy Redgrave

2019-2020: Sierra Paloian, Abigail Phillips, Ashley Pritchard

2018-2019: Emily Cooper, Taylor McFadden, Emma Ott, Sierra Paloian, Brendan Thiry

2017-2018: Nicole Ciotoli, Josselyn Geyer, Lexa Grasz, Kristina Meyer, Emma Ott, Ben Rogers

2016-2017: Alexandra Grasz, Peter Jakes, Erin Murnane, Nathan Pool

2015-2016: Alonzo Cee, Peter Jakes, Erin Murnane, Nathan Pool

2014-2015: Julia Mary Finneyfrock, Jacob B. Kelner

2013-2014: Amy Elizabeth Good, Nakhila Shani Mistry

2012-2013: Kileigh Browning, Lauren Difiglia, Amy Good, Lisa Picklesimer

2011-2012: Amanda Coe, Keyona Osborne, Erika West

2010-2011: Amanda Ketner, Kristen Koenig, Sunni O’Connor

2009-2010: Amanda Brown, Kelly Drayton, Melissa Gaisser, Kristi McGrath

2008-2009: Karen Hooper, Gregory Mader, Phillip St. Clair, Jessica Stewart

2007-2008: Karen Hooper, Rachel Scott, Jessica Stewart

2006-2007: Patrick Lincoln Davis, Kristin N. Mandella, Colleen A.McCarthy

2005-2006: Matthew R. Christian, Ann Statler Gregson, Laura E. Snipes

2004-2005: Jennifer Lee Davis, Ann Statler Gregson, Aja Leigh Johnson, Kristen N. Laramie

2003-2004: Cheryl Ann Borden, Aja Leigh Johnson, Karen Lee Lawrence

2002-2003: Aja Leigh Johnson, Jennifer L. Davis

2001-2002: Judyth N. Richardson, Katie Joy Park

2000-2001: Judyth N. Richardson, Katie Joy Park

1999-2000: Shon B. Gilliam, Jessica A Pollard

George and Eileen Hedrick Mathematics Scholarship

To be awarded to a deserving student who is a rising senior, majoring in math, who demonstrates financial need.

2023-2024: Danielle DaSilva

2022-2023: Alexa Goldberg

2021-2022: Kasey Collins

2020-2021: Madeline Gall

2019-2020: Madeline Gall

2018-2019: Morgan Ferguson

2017-2018: Olivia Lennox-Sanzone

2016-2017: Kelly Reagan

2015-2016: Jaclyn DeVincent

2014-2015: Madeline Mayes Edwards

2013-2014: Mackenzie L. McCraw

2012-2013: Erin Palmer

2009-2010: Jaymie Shanahan

2008-2009: Phillip St. Clair

2007-2008: Aundrea Carter

2006-2007: Aundrea Carter

Thomas J. Hedrick Mathematics Scholarship

To be awarded to a deserving student who is a rising junior, majoring in math, who demonstrates financial need.

2023-2024: Liwei Chen

2022-2023: Cade Missimer, Danielle DaSilva

2021-2022: Chris Boyette, Josie De La Olivia

2020-2021: Kasey Collins

2019-2020: John (Jack) Amend

2017-2018: Morgan Ferguson

2016-2017: Josselyn Geyer

2015-2016: Kelly Reagan

2014-2015: Jaclyn Clarice DeVincent

2013-2014: Madeline Mayes Edwards

Sherri S. King Mathematics and Statistics Scholarship

First preference is for the scholarship to be awarded to a student in mathematics or statistics; second preference is for a student majoring in business or accounting.

2023-2024: Katelyn Litvan

2022-2023: Kiara Hunter

2021-2022: Maia Tice

2020-2021:  Amy Moore

2019-2020: Taylor McFadden

2018-2019: Benjamin Rogers

2017-2018: Nicholas Hadgis

2016-2017: Jennifer Faig, Angeline Sanders

2015-2016: Stephanie Lobaugh

2014-2015: Stephanie Carol Stanglin

2013-2014: Erin Elizabeth Donahue

2012-2013: Adrienne Rouiller

2011-2012: Crystal Edwards, Mackenzie McCraw

2010-2011: Amanda Coe Sam Jennings

2009-2010: Cynthia Goodson, Andrew Sutherland

2008-2009: Cindy Goodson, Amanda Ketner, Hillary Sheets

2007-2008: Cindy Goodson Colleen McCarthy Hillary Sheets

2006-2007: Olivia Anne Bolen, Hillary Sheets

2005-2006: Olivia Anne Bolen

2004-2005: Jennifer Lee Davis

2003-2004: Jennifer Lee Davis

2002-2003: Kathleen M. Iwancio

2001-2002: Jeanette P. Olli

2000-2001: Jeanette P. Olli

1999-2000: Shon B. Gilliam, Jessica A. Pollard

Janie Crumpton Evans Reece Mathematics Scholarship

The scholarship is restricted to a rising junior or senior from North Carolina who is a mathematics major and who has a cumulative average of 3.0 of better in mathematics course work. If a student is not found who meets this requirement then the scholarship can be given to an incoming first-year student who resides in North Carolina and has shown an interest in mathematics. Once awarded to a student and as long as the student maintains the above stated average in mathematics, the award will remain part of the recipient’s career at Elon University. Should the student decide to change his/her major from mathematics, he/she would no longer be eligible for the scholarship. First preference will be given to a student from Alamance County, then to a student from the Triad, and then to any student from North Carolina.

2023-2024: Else Bauldoff, Caitlynn Collins, Sarah Mirrow

2022-2023: Else Bauldoff, TJ Walch, Rhodes Neese, Eden Ralph

2021-2022: Else Bauldoff, Danielle DaSilva, Annica Gaebel, Amy Moore, Rhodes Neese, Eden Ralph, Shannon Treacy

2020-2021: Catherine LoGrande, Hanna Noelle Griesbach, Matthew Mitten, Annalise von Sprecken

2019-2020: Kylee Gomilla, Matthew Mitten, Hannah Parker

2018-2019: Kylee Gomilla, Sarah Kapinos, Lauren McMahon, Hannah Parker

2017-2018: Kylee Gomilla, Alexis Padula, Hannah Parker, Kiley Shannon

2016-2017: Alexis Goslen, Kiley Shannon, Alexis Padula

2015-2016: Jaclyn Clarice DeVincent, Alexis Goslen

2014-2015: Jaclyn Clarice DeVincent, Madeline Mayes Edwards

2013-2014: Christine Marie Dierk, Crystal Alesia Edwards

2012-2013: Kelly Coble, Rachel Mitchener

2011-2012: Elizabeth Bentley, Kileigh Browning, Kelly Coble

2010-2011: Amanda Ketner, Greg Mader

2009-2010: Christina Lewis, Greg Mader, Christy Minor

2008-2009: Karen Hooper Mark Mercer Hilary Sheets

2007-2008: Karen Hooper, Hilary Sheets

2006-2007: Matthew Robert Christian, Olivia Anne Bolen

2005-2006: Matthew Robert Christian, Laura Elizabeth Snipes

2004-2005: Matthew Robert Christian, Aja Leigh Johnson

2003-2004: Karen Lee Lawrence, Amy Danielle Oliver

2002-2003: Robert M. Davis, Jeanette P. Olli

2001-2002: Julie D. Pelter

2000-2001: Rose Cordero, Julie D. Pelter

1999-2000: Rose Cordero, Ashley D. Trent

1998-1999: Dia Marie Collins, Ashley D. Trent

1997-1998: Dia Marie Collins

Jeanne Freeman Williams Scholarship

To be awarded to a junior woman majoring in statistics; selected by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. This scholarship shall be consistent with the terms of the Powell Challenge.  As a condition of the challenge, scholarships shall be awarded to students from Alamance County, North Carolina Triad, and the state of North Carolina in descending order of preference.

2021-2022: Sarah Austin

2020-2021: Sarah Austin

2018-2019: Abigail Phillips

2017-2018: Emily Cooper

2016-2017: Bethany Lake

2013-2014: Jessica Elaine Hoffman Brown

2012-2013: Crystal Edwards

2011-2012: Rachel Mitchener, Keyona Osborne

2010-2011: Elizabeth Bentley, Helon Wright

2009-2010: Amanda Ketner, Kristen Koenig

2008-2009: Cindy Goodson, Kristi McGrath

2007-2008: Colleen McCarthy

2006-2007: Laura Laping Sinden

2005-2006: Kristin Nicole Mandella

2004-2005: Ann Statler Gregson

2003-2004: Aja Leigh Johnson

2002-2003: Karen L. Lawrence

2001-2002: Julie D. Pelter

2000-2001: Julie D. Pelter