Mathematics and Statistics Scholarships

Richard Carlisle Haworth Mathematics and Statistics Scholarship

First preference will be given to a mathematics or statistics major who is in good standing at Elon University and who has maintained a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 or better. Second preference will be to an incoming first-year student who has expressed an interest in mathematics or statistics as a major. Third preference would be to commingle the funds in the general scholarship pool should there be no student(s) who meet the first and second preference.

2023-2024: Cade Missimer, Bailey Reutinger

2022-2023: Denny Dunmire, Chris Boyette, Grace Simpson, Bailey Reutinger

2021-2022: Alex Lagarde, Grace Simpson

2020-2021: Alex Lagarde, Sara Armstrong, Timothy Redgrave

2019-2020: Sierra Paloian, Abigail Phillips, Ashley Pritchard

2018-2019: Emily Cooper, Taylor McFadden, Emma Ott, Sierra Paloian, Brendan Thiry

2017-2018: Nicole Ciotoli, Josselyn Geyer, Lexa Grasz, Kristina Meyer, Emma Ott, Ben Rogers

2016-2017: Alexandra Grasz, Peter Jakes, Erin Murnane, Nathan Pool

2015-2016: Alonzo Cee, Peter Jakes, Erin Murnane, Nathan Pool

2014-2015: Julia Mary Finneyfrock, Jacob B. Kelner

2013-2014: Amy Elizabeth Good, Nakhila Shani Mistry

2012-2013: Kileigh Browning, Lauren Difiglia, Amy Good, Lisa Picklesimer

2011-2012: Amanda Coe, Keyona Osborne, Erika West

2010-2011: Amanda Ketner, Kristen Koenig, Sunni O’Connor

2009-2010: Amanda Brown, Kelly Drayton, Melissa Gaisser, Kristi McGrath

2008-2009: Karen Hooper, Gregory Mader, Phillip St. Clair, Jessica Stewart

2007-2008: Karen Hooper, Rachel Scott, Jessica Stewart

2006-2007: Patrick Lincoln Davis, Kristin N. Mandella, Colleen A.McCarthy

2005-2006: Matthew R. Christian, Ann Statler Gregson, Laura E. Snipes

2004-2005: Jennifer Lee Davis, Ann Statler Gregson, Aja Leigh Johnson, Kristen N. Laramie

2003-2004: Cheryl Ann Borden, Aja Leigh Johnson, Karen Lee Lawrence

2002-2003: Aja Leigh Johnson, Jennifer L. Davis

2001-2002: Judyth N. Richardson, Katie Joy Park

2000-2001: Judyth N. Richardson, Katie Joy Park

1999-2000: Shon B. Gilliam, Jessica A Pollard

George and Eileen Hedrick Mathematics Scholarship

To be awarded to a deserving student who is a rising senior, majoring in math, who demonstrates financial need.

2023-2024: Danielle DaSilva

2022-2023: Alexa Goldberg

2021-2022: Kasey Collins

2020-2021: Madeline Gall

2019-2020: Madeline Gall

2018-2019: Morgan Ferguson

2017-2018: Olivia Lennox-Sanzone

2016-2017: Kelly Reagan

2015-2016: Jaclyn DeVincent

2014-2015: Madeline Mayes Edwards

2013-2014: Mackenzie L. McCraw

2012-2013: Erin Palmer

2009-2010: Jaymie Shanahan

2008-2009: Phillip St. Clair

2007-2008: Aundrea Carter

2006-2007: Aundrea Carter

Thomas J. Hedrick Mathematics Scholarship

To be awarded to a deserving student who is a rising junior, majoring in math, who demonstrates financial need.

2023-2024: Liwei Chen

2022-2023: Cade Missimer, Danielle DaSilva

2021-2022: Chris Boyette, Josie De La Olivia

2020-2021: Kasey Collins

2019-2020: John (Jack) Amend

2017-2018: Morgan Ferguson

2016-2017: Josselyn Geyer

2015-2016: Kelly Reagan

2014-2015: Jaclyn Clarice DeVincent

2013-2014: Madeline Mayes Edwards

Sherri S. King Mathematics, and Statistics Scholarship

First preference is for the scholarship to be awarded to a student in mathematics, statistics, or any combination; second preference is for a student majoring in business or accounting.

2023-2024: Katelyn Litvan

2022-2023: Kiara Hunter

2021-2022: Maia Tice

2020-2021:  Amy Moore

2019-2020: Taylor McFadden

2018-2019: Benjamin Rogers

2017-2018: Nicholas Hadgis

2016-2017: Jennifer Faig, Angeline Sanders

2015-2016: Stephanie Lobaugh

2014-2015: Stephanie Carol Stanglin

2013-2014: Erin Elizabeth Donahue

2012-2013: Adrienne Rouiller

2011-2012: Crystal Edwards, Mackenzie McCraw

2010-2011: Amanda Coe Sam Jennings

2009-2010: Cynthia Goodson, Andrew Sutherland

2008-2009: Cindy Goodson, Amanda Ketner, Hillary Sheets

2007-2008: Cindy Goodson Colleen McCarthy Hillary Sheets

2006-2007: Olivia Anne Bolen, Hillary Sheets

2005-2006: Olivia Anne Bolen

2004-2005: Jennifer Lee Davis

2003-2004: Jennifer Lee Davis

2002-2003: Kathleen M. Iwancio

2001-2002: Jeanette P. Olli

2000-2001: Jeanette P. Olli

1999-2000: Shon B. Gilliam, Jessica A. Pollard

Janie Crumpton Evans Reece Mathematics, and Data Analytics Scholarship

The scholarship is restricted to a rising junior or senior from North Carolina who is a mathematics or Data Analytics major and has a cumulative average of 3.0 or better in mathematics or statistics coursework. If a student who meets this requirement is not found, the scholarship can be given to an incoming first-year student who resides in North Carolina and has shown an interest in mathematics or data analytics. Once awarded to a student and as long as the student maintains the above-stated average in mathematics, the award will remain part of the recipient’s career at Elon University. Should the student decide to change his/her major from mathematics, he/she would no longer be eligible for the scholarship. First preference will be given to a student from Alamance County, then to a student from the Triad, and then to any student from North Carolina.

2023-2024: Else Bauldoff, Caitlynn Collins, Sarah Mirrow

2022-2023: Else Bauldoff, TJ Walch, Rhodes Neese, Eden Ralph

2021-2022: Else Bauldoff, Danielle DaSilva, Annica Gaebel, Amy Moore, Rhodes Neese, Eden Ralph, Shannon Treacy

2020-2021: Catherine LoGrande, Hanna Noelle Griesbach, Matthew Mitten, Annalise von Sprecken

2019-2020: Kylee Gomilla, Matthew Mitten, Hannah Parker

2018-2019: Kylee Gomilla, Sarah Kapinos, Lauren McMahon, Hannah Parker

2017-2018: Kylee Gomilla, Alexis Padula, Hannah Parker, Kiley Shannon

2016-2017: Alexis Goslen, Kiley Shannon, Alexis Padula

2015-2016: Jaclyn Clarice DeVincent, Alexis Goslen

2014-2015: Jaclyn Clarice DeVincent, Madeline Mayes Edwards

2013-2014: Christine Marie Dierk, Crystal Alesia Edwards

2012-2013: Kelly Coble, Rachel Mitchener

2011-2012: Elizabeth Bentley, Kileigh Browning, Kelly Coble

2010-2011: Amanda Ketner, Greg Mader

2009-2010: Christina Lewis, Greg Mader, Christy Minor

2008-2009: Karen Hooper Mark Mercer Hilary Sheets

2007-2008: Karen Hooper, Hilary Sheets

2006-2007: Matthew Robert Christian, Olivia Anne Bolen

2005-2006: Matthew Robert Christian, Laura Elizabeth Snipes

2004-2005: Matthew Robert Christian, Aja Leigh Johnson

2003-2004: Karen Lee Lawrence, Amy Danielle Oliver

2002-2003: Robert M. Davis, Jeanette P. Olli

2001-2002: Julie D. Pelter

2000-2001: Rose Cordero, Julie D. Pelter

1999-2000: Rose Cordero, Ashley D. Trent

1998-1999: Dia Marie Collins, Ashley D. Trent

1997-1998: Dia Marie Collins

Jeanne Freeman Williams Scholarship

To be awarded to a junior woman majoring in statistics; selected by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. This scholarship shall be consistent with the terms of the Powell Challenge.  As a condition of the challenge, scholarships shall be awarded to students from Alamance County, North Carolina Triad, and the state of North Carolina in descending order of preference.

2021-2022: Sarah Austin

2020-2021: Sarah Austin

2018-2019: Abigail Phillips

2017-2018: Emily Cooper

2016-2017: Bethany Lake

2013-2014: Jessica Elaine Hoffman Brown

2012-2013: Crystal Edwards

2011-2012: Rachel Mitchener, Keyona Osborne

2010-2011: Elizabeth Bentley, Helon Wright

2009-2010: Amanda Ketner, Kristen Koenig

2008-2009: Cindy Goodson, Kristi McGrath

2007-2008: Colleen McCarthy

2006-2007: Laura Laping Sinden

2005-2006: Kristin Nicole Mandella

2004-2005: Ann Statler Gregson

2003-2004: Aja Leigh Johnson

2002-2003: Karen L. Lawrence

2001-2002: Julie D. Pelter

2000-2001: Julie D. Pelter