Building passion for mathematics and statistics. Engaging all students. Leveraging technology. Facilitating student success.

Mission Statement

The Elon University Department of Mathematics and Statistics is a community of quantitative problem solvers who use mathematics, statistics, and data analytics as concepts and tools to explore our world. Within our department we…

  • foster the intellectual development of students who enter our community of lifelong learners.
  • teach students the value of interdisciplinary collaboration and model this value by making meaningful connections across campus.
  • acknowledge the diverse, and sometimes sordid, histories of our disciplines, while at the same time seeking to facilitate positive change in our disciplines, the university, our community, and the world.
  • stay abreast of rapidly changing technologies in our fields, and strive to help our students be adaptive and flexible in using these tools.
  • recognize that, although those tools must be employed rigorously, they must often be applied creatively.
  • endeavor to share the beauty and elegance of mathematics, statistics, and data analytics with all.

Supporting Students

As part of the First-Year Foundations of Elon’s Core Curriculum, the faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics provide meaningful experiences for all students that help them navigate a data-filled world with reason as their guide. Our faculty seek to empower students in the classroom by encouraging a growth mindset and fostering perseverance. Our department embraces diversity as the lifeblood of creativity, valuing the gifts that all students bring to their studies.

We strive to provide our majors and minors with firm foundations through varied course content and experiences to develop the independence of thought and communication skills needed to be successful. Our goal is to help students develop the tools and confidence needed to allow them to become leaders in their chosen field of mathematics, statistics, or data analytics. Our faculty enthusiastically mentor our majors in consequential research, internship, and teaching experiences that help to prepare them for exciting new careers or for graduate school.

Supporting Faculty and Staff

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics supports our faculty by encouraging their development as teachers, scholars, mentors, and leaders. The department embraces a culture of generosity that supports growth through productive struggle for faculty and students alike.  Faculty support one another to bring an engaged learning pedagogy to each classroom. We support scholarly research, and faculty are encouraged within each individual’s unique field, with ample opportunities and support to engage in collaborative research with colleagues and undergraduates. We also encourage faculty to be not only leaders within the department, but also across the campus and within their professional communities. We recognize that our success as teacher-scholar-mentors requires access to current technology for faculty and students, flexible teaching spaces, and suitable workspaces.