The A.B. and B.S. Statistics degrees require students to complete a senior comprehensive evaluation. The requirements for the senior comprehensive evaluation were updated in Fall 2023, but students graduating on or before May 2024 may elect to use either the updated requirements or the previous requirements for a portfolio. These previous requirements are available here Senior Assessment Guidelines for Statistics Majors and outline the contents for a portfolio of student work.

Students who are graduating after May 2024 will complete one of the options included in the updated guidelines available here Senior Comprehensive Evaluation for Statistics Majors. The new guidelines allow students to select a reflective portfolio or to meet the requirements by earning engagement points by participating in statistical experiences. Students should meet with their advisor to develop a plan for earning engagement points or discuss completing the reflective portfolio option.

All students should register for STS 0070: Senior Comprehensive Evaluation in the Fall or Spring semester immediately preceding their intended graduation.

Additional questions about the senior comprehensive can be directed to the Statistics Program Coordinator, Dr. Mark Weaver (, or your advisor for declared majors.