Frequently Asked Questions

As a student, am I eligible for funding for more than one GLO?

No, you may participate in more than one GLO but receive funding support for just one.

As a student, can I create or find my own site?

Yes, the GLO committee will work with you if you have ideas about a new site.

Can I bring my family with me?

If your family members want to volunteer with the same organization as your site, you can try to coordinate your travels, however, your family members will not be involved in the GLO.

Can I use GLO funds for an opportunity in the USA?

Yes, if the opportunity offers a culturally different environment than your own.

Can I make a GLO Clinical anywhere I want?

No, the University needs to have a clinical education contract with each site we collaborate with for Clinical Education. You can talk with Dr. Janssen about the possibility of establishing a new site.