Frequently Asked Questions

As an Elon SHS student, am I eligible for funding for more than one Global Learning Opportunity (GLO)?

You are encouraged to participate in more than one GLO but may receive funding for just one.

Students participating in GLOs may apply for financial support for a portion of their program expenses. Reimbursable expenses include program fees, airfare, visa, immunizations, housing, and international health insurance.

As a student, can I create or find my own site for a GLO program?

The GLO committee will work with you if you have ideas about a new program. It takes time to build a program, so start early. All GLO programs are vetted by School of Health Sciences (SHS) criteria and meet a modified version of the Forum on Education Abroad’s Guidelines for Undergraduate Health-related Experiences Abroad.

Can I bring my family with me?

Family members are not permitted to participate in a SHS GLO. However, they may visit you on location during non-programmed time, as permitted by GLO on-site partners (if applicable).

Can I use GLO funds for an opportunity in the USA?

If the opportunity offers you a culturally unique experience, you may apply for a Department of Physical Therapy Education (DPTE) USA GLO.  This includes DPTE clinical rotations.