Global Learning in the School of Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences (SHS) Global Learning Opportunities (GLO) program intends to create engaged learners through evidence-based “high impact” educational processes described by Elon’s Center for Engaged Learning. The Association of American Colleges and Universities defines Diversity/Global Learning as “courses and programs that help students explore cultures, life experiences, and worldviews different from their own. These studies—which may address U.S. diversity, world cultures, or both—often explore ‘difficult differences’ such as racial, ethnic, and gender inequality, or continuing struggles around the globe for human rights, freedom, and power. Frequently, intercultural studies are augmented by experiential learning in the community and/or by study abroad.”

Department of Physician Assistant Studies GLOs

A GLO experience in the Physician Assistant (PA) program can occur during an elective clinical rotation. Students who would like to apply are required to meet with either the Director or Assistant Director of Clinical Education for an interview. As part of the GLO experience, students are expected to participate in pre-departure preparation as well as reflections during the GLO and post-departure activities.


Department of  Physical Therapy Education GLOs

In the Department of Physical Therapy Education two most common ways to GLO are on a clinical rotation (DPT 700, 704, 711, 805) or for a Selectives GLO Independent Study (DPT 804). Students can utilize one of their clinical rotations as a GLO in the United States or abroad (DPT 704 or 711 only). On a GLO clinical rotation, students spend 8 weeks living and learning in a culturally unique environment (see the criteria for a GLO-CE for details).

The Selectives GLO Independent Study provides students with 6 weeks to learn about the healthcare system, healthcare delivery, physical therapy profession, and role of a PT in a culturally unique setting.