Why Should I GLO?

Care cannot be compassionate if culture is not considered. Even the interpretation of compassion is different within different groups, as well as concepts of health, wellness, illness, ability, etc. These are all constructs that are deeply essential to person-centered care.

Opportunities with GLO:

  • Develop cultural awareness, sensitivity, humility, and intercultural competencies through knowledge of your own culture and interactions with others who represent the intersection of diverse cultures, religions, identities, and practices.
  • Learn to provide equitable and the best quality patient care in diverse settings.
  • Realize the importance of advocacy and develop a life-long professional commitment to intercultural learning.

What can GLO do for a student?

GLO can help you build the necessary skills to become an extraordinary healthcare provider. Among other things your experiences will:

  • Set you apart from your peers
  • Provide you with foreign language experience
  • Expose you to new challenges
  • Expand your decision-making skills
  • Develop the cultural courageousness to challenge biases