Study Abroad

International Health Insurance for Study Abroad Programs

The cost of an Elon study abroad program* includes mandatory international health insurance coverage through iNext.  The coverage starts on the first day of the program and ends on the last day of the program. An overview of the policy and benefits is available through the links below. 

iNext maintains a website with extensive information including a list of comprehensive travel insurance benefits and assistance services.  Parents and students can log into this website using the student's username and password that will be provided by iNext via an initial email. This email will also include a printable template card. Once logged on, a student must complete an iNext registration process in order to receive their travel insurance card. Each student will receive a card with photo ID that will be delivered to the address specified 5 to 10 days after the online registration is complete. 

Elon University requires its students to maintain their domestic health insurance even while they are abroad.  The international health insurance policy covers a student ONLY while he or she is outside of the United States and the policy terminates upon his or her return to the U.S.  Although the insurance has no co-pay for services, a student will in most cases have to pay for services provided and submit a claim for reimbursement. In emergency situations (see below) a guarantee of payment may be issued for up to $5000 in order to facilitate cashless access to medical care.

*Elon Study USA programs (programs within the U.S.) do not include international health insurance coverage.  Students on Elon Study USA domestic programs should use their U.S. health insurance provider for any medical needs while on the program.

Additional Information on iNext coverage (PDFs)

Contacting iNext before traveling 

Contact details during travel/emergencies and to file a claim

  • Email:
  • Phone: +1 317-582-2684 (collect/outside the US) or 887-852-6767 (toll free inside the US)
  • Visit the website for claim forms and instructions on how to file. 
    Note:  Claims should be submitted within 90 days of cost being incurred