Study Abroad


What is the Phoenix Pal Program?

The Phoenix Pal Program pairs currently enrolled Elon students (U.S. and/or foreign) with newly admitted international students.

The way Elon University defines international students is broad and includes overseas U.S. American students, foreign students, dual citizens, and legal permanent-resident students because of cultural, linguistic, and social experiences each student brings from living and studying in different countries.

This program is part of Elon University's mission to train global citizens.

What is the goal of the Phoenix Pal Program?

The objectives of the Phoenix Pal Program fall under the following goals:

  • Assist newly admitted students in getting to know Elon University by answering questions and providing helpful information for adjusting to their new environment

  • Encourage cultural and learning exchange among participants

  • Promote mutual understanding and respect among all parties involved

  • Promote and develop a lifelong friendship between current students and incoming new international students

How to join or learn more about the Phoenix Pal Program?

Please send an e-mail to one of the leaders: