Study Abroad

Winter Term 2015

Programs Status Chart

The information below is subject to change at any time as the Global Education Center receives new applications, cancellations, or change forms.

For the most up-to-date information, contact the Global Education Center (GEC) in Global Commons 360 or by phone at 336-278-6700.

*Available APRIL 3 for applications submitted by priority deadline (March 20).* 

  1. Print and complete the Change Form.
  2. Submit it in-person to the GEC (Global Commons 360).
  • To cancel your participation in a program:

  1. Read the Winter Term Cancellation Policy.
  2. Print and complete the Cancellation Form.
  3. Submit it in-person to the GEC (Global Commons 360).
  • To start a new application :

*Available APRIL 17*

  1. Review the list of Winter Term 2015 programs.
  2. Select a program.
  3. Click "Apply Now."
  4. Submit all of the application requirements, including essays and deposit.

Below is the current status of the 2015 Winter Term Study Abroad and Study USA programs. 

 Please note that closed courses are courses that are at full capacity.  We are no longer adding anyone to the wait list.

Winter Term Program NameOpenWait List  Closed
Australia: Ecotourism     x
Australia: Indigenous Studies     x
Austria: Sex and Violins     x
Barbados: Culture, Sport, & Media     x
Business in the Pacific Rim     x
China: The Flying Dragon     x
Costa Rica: Community, Conservation, Service     x
Costa Rica: Language, Culture & Ecotourism     x
Discovering Dixie     x
Dominican Republic: Baseball & Tourism     x
EUROMED (Turkey/Dubai): Where East meets West     x
Europe: Great Structures of Europe     x
Ethiopia and Tanzania: History, Culture, & Natural World in East Africa     x
France: Eat, Pray, Love     x
Ghana: West African History and Culture NOW EAST AFRICA (above)
Ghana: Performing Arts in Cultural Context CANCELLED
Guatemala: Human Services Praticum      x
Gutenberg to the Web: Media's Impact on Western Civilization     x
Greece: Classics in Context      x
Hawaii: Nation or State? (Study USA)     x
Holocaust Journey     x
India: Education & Development     x
India: Public Health Practicum     x
India's Identities: Religion, Caste, & Gender in Contemporary Southern India     x
Ireland: An Introduction to its Literature, Culture, & History     x
Israel, Palestinian Territory, & Jordan: Living Stones of Peace CANCELLED
Italian Comedy: The History, Performance, & its Legacy     x
Italy: Fine Arts     x
Malawi: The Warm Heart of Africa     x
Multicultural London: Community Fieldwork Through Images & Words     x
New Zealand: Adventure Based Ecotourism     x
Peru: Field Biology CANCELLED
Peru: Sustainable Development (Embedded)     x
Peru: The Living Heritage of the Andes     x
Samoa: Plants and Culture     x
South Africa: The Call of South Africa     x
The Sundance Experience (Study USA)     x
Vietnam: Business & Culture of Vietnam     x
World War II in Europe: Life in a Time of War     x

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