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Major Check Sheets

Check sheets are organized alphabetically by major and grouped by academic catalog year. Students should follow requirements under the academic year upon which they entered Elon University. (Some students may choose to follow updated or revised major requirements but should consult an academic advisor first.)  The files below are in pdf format.

New Majors in 2015:  Mathematics (Applied), BA  &  Biology with Teacher Licensure, BA (located on Biology, BA sheet)

MAJOR & DEGREE                    Requirements for the following Academic Catalog Years:
Accounting, BS
Anthropology, BA20152014201320122011
Art, BA20152014201320122011
Art, BFA
Art History, BA
Arts Administration, BA20152014201320122011
Biochemistry, BS20152014201320122011
Biology, BA20152014201320122011
Biology, BS20152014201320122011
Chemistry, BA20152014201320122011
Chemistry, BS20152014201320122011
Cinema & Television Arts, BA
(formerly Media Arts and Entertainment)
20152014 n/a n/a n/a
Cinema & Televison Arts, BFA20152014 n/a n/a n/a
Communication Design, BA20152014 n/a n/a n/a
Computer Science, BA20152014201320122011
Computer Science, BS20152014201320122011
Dance Performance & Choreography, BFA20152014201320122011
Dance Science, BS2015201420132012 n/a
Early Childhood Education, BA20152014201320122011
Economics, BA20152014201320122011
Elementary Education    (K-6), BA20152014201320122011
Elon Core Curriculum
(formerly General Studies)
20152014 n/a n/a n/a
Engineering, BS20152014201320122011
English, BA20152014201320122011
English Teacher Licensure, BA20152014201320122011
Entrepreneurship, BSBA20152014201320122011
Environmental and Ecological Science, BS20152014201320122011
Environmental Studies, BA20152014201320122011
Environmental Studies, BS20152014201320122011
Exercise Science, BS20152014201320122011
Finance, BSBA20152014201320122011
French, BA20152014201320122011
General Studies n/a n/a201320122011
History, BA20152014201320122011
History/Social Studies Teacher Licensure, BA20152014201320122011
Human Service Studies, BA 20152014201320122011
Independent Major20152014201320122011
Information Science, BS20152014201320122011
International Business, BSBA20152014201320122011
International Business-Dual Degree, BSBA20152014 n/a n/a n/a
International Economics, BA20152014201320122011
International Studies, BA20152014201320122011
Journalism, BA20152014201320122011
Management, BSBA20152014201320122011
Marketing, BSBA20152014201320122011
Mathematics, BA20152014201320122011
Mathematics, BS20152014201320122011
Mathematics (Applied), BA2015 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Mathematics (Applied), BS20152014201320122011
Mathematics with Teacher Licensure, BA20152014201320122011
Mathematics with Teacher Licensure, BS20152014201320122011
Media Analytics20152014 n/a n/a n/a
Middle Grades Education (6-9), BA20152014201320122011
Music, BA20152014201320122011
Music Performance, BA20152014201320122011
Music Education, BS20152014201320122011
Music Production and Recording Arts, BS
(formerly Music Technology)
Music Theatre, BFA20152014201320122011
Physical Education and Health, BS20152014201320122011
Physical Education & Health
with Teacher Licensure, BS
Philosophy, BA20152014201320122011
Physics, BA20152014201320122011
Physics, BS20152014201320122011
Policy Studies, BA201520142013 n/a n/a
Political Science, BA20152014201320122011
Psychology, BA20152014201320122011
Public Health Studies, BA20152014201320122011
Religious Studies, BA20152014201320122011
Science Education Comprehensive Biology, BA20152014201320122011
Science Education Comprehensive Environmental
Science, BA
2015201420132012 n/a
Science Education Comprehensive Chemistry, BA20152014201320122011
Science Education Comprehensive Physics, BA20152014201320122011
Sociology, BA20152014201320122011
Spanish, BA20152014201320122011
Spanish (K-12) Teacher Licensure, BA20152014201320122011
Special Education / Elementary, BA20152014201320122011
Special Education & English, BA20152014201320122011
Special Education & Social Studies, BA20152014201320122011
Special Education & Middle Grades, BA20152014201320122011
Special Education & Math, BA20152014201320122011
Special Education & Science, BA20152014201320122011
Sport and Event Management, BS
Statistics, BA20152014201320122011
Statistics, BS20152014201320122011
Strategic Communications, BA
Theatre Arts (Acting), BFA20152014201320122011
Theatre Arts Design and Production, BA20152014201320122011
Theatre Studies, BA20152014201320122011

Recently discontinued majors:

Communication Science, BA201320122011
General Studies (replaced by Elon Core)201320122011
Media Arts & Entertainment, BA201320122011
Public Administration, BA  20122011