Elon University Academic SupportAcademic Support

Early Warning

Academic Support maintains a system designed to be a backup for faculty who cannot reach their students and to address systemic problems of not having local telephone numbers for students. EWARNING is an e-mail account (ewarning@elon.edu) that has been set up for faculty to report any students with excessive absences, missing quizzes, lack of class participation, etc. Academic Support will collect this information and send it to the student’s academic advisor, who will be asked to contact the student and put the information in the advisee’s folder. The reporting professor and the student also receive copies of the early warning email. Professors may report any student, any time. Academic Support will track this information and report to the faculty at the end of each semester. You may contact us by phone at (336) 278-6500 if you have any questions.

Notification of student absences

Students, parents, and faculty may notify Academic Advising when a student must miss classes. This notification is especially encouraged when the absences are prolonged. Academic Advising will forward the information to a student’s professors and academic advisor. Academic Advising does not verify the legitimacy of this information, nor does it issue written excuses for students. It is the student’s responsibility to contact each professor upon returning to class to discuss make-up work and/or missed tests.