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Elon 101

What is Elon 101?

Elon 101 is a one credit-hour seminar course that integrates academic advising with other academic orientation elements. Elon 101 consistently receives high marks from our first-year student population and over 98% of incoming students complete Elon 101 as part of their first-semester coursework.

Mission statement

Elon 101 supports the transition of first-year students as they become active participants in an academic community. To fulfill this mission, Elon 101 uses a developmental model of advising that:

  • Designs class experiences to expand students’ academic and interpersonal skills.
  • Provides opportunities to enhance students’ confidence and competence.
  • Encourages students to make informed decisions, exercise social responsibility and demonstrate personal integrity.
  • Fosters caring relationships and respect for individual differences.

Elon 101 learning outcomes

Students should be able to:

  • Articulate the purpose of the Elon Honor code and its significance to maintaining a vibrant community.
  • Communicate the basic fundamentals of the first-year foundations and core curriculum requirements.
  • Utilize basic advising planning tools.
  • Articulate the underlying importance of a basic liberal arts foundation to complement major requirements.
  • Identify basic campus resources to support their academic activities.
  • Locate and evaluate opportunities for campus-related involvement.
  • Communicate with their academic advisor about preregistration, academic requirements, and social issues or concerns.

For more information about the Elon 101 program please contact Jason Springer, Director of Elon 101 at jspringer2@elon.edu.

Elon 101 Instructor Information

For information about Elon 101 teaching opportunities please visit us at http://www.elon.edu/e-web/academics/support/elon101instructors.xhtml

Elon 101 Teaching Assistant Information

Elon 101 Teaching Assistants are peer mentors who are paired with each Elon 101 section to assist students and facutly advisors in all facets of the Elon 101 experience. To learn more about our Teaching Assistant program please visit us at http://www.elon.edu/e-web/academics/support/peermentor.xhtml

Elon 101 Fellowship

Follow our Elon 101 Fellow, Maggie Sheridan, as she begins to build our already stellar Teaching Assistant program into a dynamic peer mentoring culture that we believe will become a national model for mentoring first-year students. There is a lot happening in Elon 101 during the 2013-2014 academic year. To learn more about Maggie's journey follow her at http://elon101fellow.wordpress.com/.