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Elon 101 Instructor Information

Why teach Elon 101?

Elon 101 is a unique opportunity to work with our first-year students from their first moments on campus through the end of their first semester and beyond. This is a vital part of our academic culture. The course seeks to deepen our students orientation to campus, discuss academic expectations, and provide outstanding academic advising for our first-year students.

Instructor Eligibility

Any masters degree holding, full-time employee of Elon university, with the permission of his/her supervisor, is eligible to apply to teach Elon 101. Instructors must be on campus Fall and Spring semester to perform 101 and related advising duties. Exceptions have been made on a case-by-case basis for long-time adjuncts to teach Elon 101.

Instructor Expectations

Serve as academic advisor to a cohort of 16 first-year students until students officially declare their major. This frequently means 101 instructors retain advisees for multiple semesters. If you will be on sabbatical or otherwise unavailable during the spring semester please consider applying to teach Elon 101 during a different school year.

Attend all Elon 101 class meetings

Complete Anti-Defamation League training prior to the beginning of the fall semester

Attend Fall Convocation and The Honor Code Ceremony

Involve your Elon 101 Teaching Assistant in the development of your 101 syllabus and course plan/materials

Instructor Schedule

January-March:  Elon 101 Instructor selection

April:  Elon 101 Teaching Assistant Training and New Instructor Training

June/July:  Make-up two-day New Instructor Training, multiple offerings of identical workshops required for new instructors only.

August:  Planning Week Meeting (Tuesday before Convocation) AND Convocation/Orientation Activities (Saturday and Monday prior to the beginning of classes)

October-November:  "Advising Season" which is usually the most time intensive for Elon 101 instructors as individual meetings with all advisees are expected.

August-December:  Elon 101 follows the normal 101 class schedule

Instructor Benefits

Schedule flexibility is available for faculty/staff to accommodate current teaching/work schedule

Dedicated undergraduate Teaching Assistant to assist with the delivery of your course

Instructor stipend paid at the end of the semester

To learn more about teaching Elon 101, please contact Brandy Propst, Director of Elon 101, at bpropst@elon.edu.