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Exploring Majors

Many students have difficulty deciding on a major for a number of reasons. Sometimes students are looking for a direct match between major and career because they believe that a major sets their life path with little room to change. This is simply not true. Most people have many careers in a lifetime regardless of their college major. The following suggestions can help Elon students decide on a major.

  • Take the full listing of majors that Elon offers and cross off all that you are not interested in pursuing.
  • For the remaining majors, thoroughly explore those school and departmental web pages to understand mission, faculty interests, types of courses, what graduates are now doing, etc.
  • Talk to current majors in the departments of interest.
  • Talk to faculty in those departments of interest.
  • Meet with a professional advisor in the Academic Advising Center, Duke 108, to take and process self-exploration inventories that are free through My Plan.
  • Take COE 110: Exploring Majors for 1 hour credit to systematically explore your values and interests, majors and careers.
  • Conduct web searches on careers of interest to see the types of educational preparation that is recommended.
  • Access“What can I do with this major?” via the Career Services website.