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Elon 101 Teaching Assistant Information

Why be an Elon 101 Teaching Assistant?

1). To share your knowledge! You’ll be helping 14-16 new students navigate college life for the first time, sharing important lessons you’ve learned along the way.
2). To develop transferable skills! Mentors are tolerant, resourceful, authentic leaders who are adept at active listening and crisis management. Have these skills already? No problem, we’ll help you enhance them!
3). To meet some fantastic people! Aside from first-years, you’ll be able to connect with some of Elon’s most involved students and build a more diverse network on campus.

How do I become an Elon 101 Teaching Assistant?

Currently, Teaching Assistants are nominated by Elon 101 Faculty based on a number of different credentials.
Should you wish to become an Elon 101 Teaching Assistant, please contact Elon 101 Fellow, Victoria Thompson (contact info below), for more information.  .

What are the responsibilities of Elon 101 Teaching Assistants?

• Uphold the Elon Honor Code at all times
• Serve as an advocate for first-year Elon Students
• Serve as a mentor for academic, co-curricular, and leadership involvement
• Assist in syllabus planning, course content planning, class logistics planning, and academic advising*
• Assist in facilitating class discussions*
• Serve as a liaison for student feedback to instructor
• Meet with Elon 101 faculty member as needed for planning purposes
• Maintain confidentiality of students' information when appropriate and maintain proper relationships with 101 students
• Communicate significant concerns about the Elon 101 experience with their faculty member and/or the Elon 101 Fellow*
• Attend all Elon 101 class meetings including Convocation Day activities (this requires being on campus before their regularly scheduled move-in day), Elon 101 social activities, and The Call to Honor Ceremony
• Participate regularly through the Elon 101 Teaching Assistant Moodle site

For questions regarding this opportunity please contact Katia Holliday, kholliday@elon.edu