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Office locations and phone numbers
Duke 108 (Academic Support & Advising Center, Disabilities Services) - (336) 278-6500
Belk Library (Tutoring Services) - (336) 278-6515

Mailing address
2251 Campus Box
Elon University
Elon, NC 27244

(336) 278-6514

Email: academicadvising@elon.edu



  • Janet Cooke
    Program Assistant, Office of Academic Support and Advising
    Duke 108
    2251 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244
    (336) 278-6500
  • Jim Donathan
    Associate Director of Academic Advising and Director of Academic Support
    Duke 108-O
    2251 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244
    (336) 278-6500
  • Lorie Gaines
    Program Assistant - Academic Advising
    Duke 108
    2251 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244
    (336) 278-6500
  • Katia Holliday
    Academic Advising Fellow
    Duke 108C
    2251 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244
    (336) 278-6530

    As the Academic Advising Fellow, Katia supervises, train, and develop students in the Elon 101 Teacher Assistant position. Elon 101 supports the transition of first-year students as they become active participants in an academic community. In the Teacher Assistant position, students assist their Elon 101 instructors in class facilitation, discussion, activities, and planning. Katia also serves as an Elon 101 instructor and is very excited to explore new ideas, identities, and the Elon campus community with her first year students. 


  • Laurin Kier
    Director of Tutorial Services and Assistant Professor of Sociology
    Carol Grotnes Belk Library 123
    2550 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244
    (336) 278-6515
  • Tina Kissell
    Assistant Director of Disabilities Resources
    Duke 108G
    2251 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244
    (336) 278-6500

    Prior to transitioning to working in higher education, I worked as a district administrator in the K-12 venue for over 15 years.  Specifically, I functioned as Director of Student Services in Moore County Schools, a district of 14,000 students.  I am trained as a psychologist and have worked as a practitioner in schools providing psychological and counseling services for over 17 years.  I earned an Ed D in Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations from UNC-Greensboro , an Ms Ed with certification in School Psychology from Bucknell University, and a BS in Social Psychology and Counseling from Juniata College.  My research interests include disabilities studies, effective interventions, and the impact of generalized policies/legislation on systems and ultimately individual students.

    When not at work, I enjoy staying active on our farm in rural central North Carolina where we breed English Golden Rerievers and provide a home to several rescue pups.  I am a proud parent of two grown daughters, Aspen and Jenny Kissell (Gooch)  and a grandson, Maddox.  My husband, Larry, is semi-retired and enjoys volunteer work and long-distance bike riding.

  • Becky Olive-Taylor
    Associate Dean of Academic Support
    Duke 108B
    2251 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244
    (336) 278-6500
  • Brandy Propst
    Director of Elon 101 and Assistant Director of Academic Advising
    Duke 108F
    2251 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244
    (336) 278-6500
    Specialty: First-Year Seminar/Experience; Peer Education Programs; Academic Advising; Orientation, Transition & Retention Programs
  • Susan Wise
    Director of Disabilities Resources and Assistant Professor
    Duke 108I
    2251 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244
    (336) 278-6500
  • Kathy Ziga
    Assistant Director of Academic Advising
    Duke 108E
    2251 Campus Box Elon, NC 27244
    (336) 278-6500