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Medical Withdrawal

Elon University does not grant temporary medical leaves of absence.  If a student must leave campus (withdraw) for documented medical reasons, the student may request a medical withdrawal by following the process outlined below. Students wishing to request a regular university withdrawal or course withdrawal should consult the Academic Catalog and the Registrar’s website. Students wishing to request a medical withdrawal after the semester has ended should consult the Retroactive Medical Withdrawal policy.

The Spring 2017 medical withdrawal deadline has now passed.  

The online form for summer/fall medical withdarwal will be available beginning May 21st.  

Requests for medical withdrawal must be processed and received five days before the final course date of the term in which the withdrawal is requested; after this time the student will receive the earned grades.

Questions about medical withdrawals may be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students at 336.278.7200.

Medical Withdrawal Application Process

  1. Student completes and submits the application for medical withdrawal
  2. Licensed clinical provider submits the Treatment Provider Report Form
  3. The Office of the Dean of Students will notify the Registrar that the documentation meets the criteria for a medical withdrawal
  4. The Registrar will process the medical withdrawal and determine the effective date for refund purposes
  5. The Office of the Registrar will then send official notice of withdrawal to campus departments (this may take 2-3 business days)

Important Information

Housing- Students who medically withdraw are not eligible to remain in campus housing, including University apartments and University leased housing.  Students must complete the Residence Life check-out process before a medical withdrawal will be processed.  Card access is deactivated upon withdrawal.  The University cannot hold housing assignments for students who are medically withdrawn.  Refunds will be made according to the schedule listed in the Academic Catalog.

Grades- Student receives grades of WD from all courses if granted a medical withdrawal; this does not carry any academic penalty.  There are no partial medical withdrawals.

Refunds- Refunds are pro-rated for tuition; room and board is based on effective date of withdrawal.  The date of withdrawal is considered the effective date as determined by the Registrar’s Office.   Refunds may take 30 days to process, depending upon student loans/scholarships.  Questions regarding refunds should be directed to Jay Harper, University Bursar, at

  • Students who are medically withdrawn are expected to follow all university guest policies if they choose to visit campus following their withdrawal.  Withdrawn students are prohibited from participating in clubs/organizations and other student activities during their withdrawal.  If the student was involved in a situation that was disruptive or dangerous, the student may be prohibited from being present on university owned or operated property or at university-related events until the student is readmitted or the student receives medical clearance.
  • If student withdraws with pending code of conduct charges or is charged following a medical withdrawal for behavior that occurred prior to withdrawal, the university conduct process will continue.  The student must resolve the matter with the Office of Student Conduct.
  • E-Mail and On-Track stay enabled in anticipation of student return.  If student does not return within one year, automatically goes to a regular WD and e-mail account is cancelled.

Readmission Information

Students who medically withdraw from the University and wish to return, must submit an application for readmission directly to the Office of Admissions.  Providers should submit Treatment Provider Form after the application for admission has been submitted; follow submission directions on form. Readmission cannot be approved and processed until completed Treatment Provider Form for Return is received (with continuity of care plan, if applicable).

Readmission Application Deadlines: (submit online to Office of Admissions)
Fall: June 1
Winter Term: November 15
Spring: December 1
Summer: May 1

Treatment Provider Form Deadlines: (fax to the Office of the Dean of Students at 336-278-4126)
Fall:  August 1
Winter Term: December 1
Spring: January 1
Summer: May 1

It is important to adhere to the above deadlines to ensure that there is adequate time to process the application for readmission, to update financial aid information and to apply for housing.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling admission basis, and the process usually takes about one month.  ($25 reapplication fee waived for medical withdrawals)

Course Registration after Readmission: Students must be fully readmitted and pay a deposit before registering for courses. Once readmitted students are eligible for pre-registration, they will be contacted by the Office of Academic Support for course registration.  Course registration for readmitted students will generally take place after the course registration period in April and November. Questions about course registration for readmitted students should be directed to Academic Advising at (336) 278-6500 during normal business hours.

Housing after Readmission: Students must be fully readmitted and pay a deposit before being assigned housing.  Readmitted students wishing to live on campus after readmission will find information about housing options and housing sign-up processes on the Residence Life website. Questions about housing may be directed to the Office of Residence Life at or (336) 278-7300 during normal business hours.

Questions about readmission should be directed to

The Office of the Dean of Students:

(336) 278-7200

R.N. Ellington Center, Suite 109 (East Entrance)

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