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Procurement Card Program

Link to Works System New User Intrerface:  https://payment2.works.com/works/

Below is documentation for several common Works processes:

P-Card Allocation & Signoff Process (Transaction Reconciliation)

Allocating a single charge to multiple account numbers

Creating an individual cardholder monthly spend report

Checking Your Available Credit


Elon University Procurement Card (P-Card) Program has been established to provide Departments with a convenient and efficient means to purchase low dollar items (less than $1,000), and at the same time, reduce the costs associated with initiating and paying for these purchases.  Employees who participare in the program become purchasing agents for the university and in doing so are bound by the same policies that guide all purchsases.  These include our commitment to ethical procurement practices, nondiscrimination policies, commitment to sustainability through the Sustainable Purchasing Guidelines and conflict of interest.  To facilitate purchasing decisions, this link has been established to gather information about companies and their products and/or services.  The purchasing department is also available to assist you in gathering information.

 The Procurement Card Program is a VISA card administered by Bank of America.  Procurement Cards will be issued in the name of the employee, for the purpose of making authorized purchases on behalf of the University.  The University will issue payments for authorized charges.  Each Department is responsible for the integrity and accuracy of their Procurement Card purchases.

Procurement Card Administrator:   Jeff Hendricks - Director of Purchasing
                                                               Purchasing Department
                                                               2950 Campus Box
                                                               Phone:  336-278-5580
                                                               Fax:  336-278-4915
                                                               Email:  jhendricks4@elon.edu

To obtain a new Procurement Card, print the P-Card Request Form, complete all requested information and submit the form to the Purchasing Department.  All cardholders must attend a Procurement Card training session prior to receiving their card.

Prior to using the Procurement Card, the University's Procurement Card Policy and Procedures document must be reviewed and the Cardholder Agreement signed to ensure proper use.

P-Card Request Form

Policies & Procedures

Missing Receipt Affidavit

Cardholder Agreement