Elon University seeks to do business with organizations that manage their operations in a manner consistent with the University’s values and mission. The University strives to be fair to all vendors with whom it does business by allowing vendors to competitively bid on items the University might need, and by never revealing one vendor’s prices to another vendor. Call Purchasing (336) 278-5580 if you have any questions about working with a vendor, or if you are a vendor interested in doing business with Elon.

Working with Vendors

If you are hoping to work with a vendor for goods or services, you’ll need to make sure they have been approved by the University. Each University vendor must uphold certain principles consistent with the University.

Learn more about the University’s registered vendors.

Group Purchasing Organization Contracts

The University is a member of several Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO). The GPOs serve as an extension of the Purchasing Office by leveraging the knowledge and expertise of other member institutions to provide additional savings to the University.

Learn more about Elon’s Group Purchasing Organizations.

Doing Business with Elon

Current and potential vendors can find more information on the Doing Business with Elon page.

Doing Business with Elon