We’ve created this quick reference guide for those new to purchasing at Elon, or for those who simply need a refresher. This guide is meant to be a high-level overview of purchasing at Elon; be sure to follow the links provided for more details.

Ways to Purchase at the University

There are several ways to purchase goods and services at the University:

Purchases less than $2,500

  • Direct Order/Bill
    Department places order directly with supplier. Upon receipt of an invoice, the budget manager signs and provides a budget number for Accounting to process.
  • Procurement Card (P-Card)
    The P-Card is a Bank of America issued University credit card.

Purchases more than $2,500

Purchases regardless of amount


Unique Purchase Considerations

Some purchases, regardless of amount, require special purchasing considerations.


Only certain individuals (President; VP for Finance & Administration; Procure to Pay Director) have the authority to sign a contract or agreement on behalf of departments or the University.

Learn more about our Contract Management & Signature policy and procedures.


All furniture orders must be coordinated and approved by our Interior Designers (contact Holly Hodge at hhodge@elon.edu or Jenny Gonzalez at jgonzalez10@elon.edu).

Furniture surplus contains the best inventory of existing, used office furniture. Requests for surplus office furniture must be submitted through FIXit. Facilities Management will process the work order in the order that it was received and will deliver requested item(s) from the current surplus inventory if those items are available.  The work request must include a general description of the placement of requested item(s) at the location.  Due to the volume of requests received, please ensure that requests are submitted at least ten (10) business day or fourteen (14) calendar day prior to when the furniture delivery is desired.  The requestor is responsible for confirming there is adequate space for the items requested prior to placing a work order.

This PDF shows standard surplus furniture items and general dimensions. Due to the availability of surplus furniture, color and finish requests cannot be accommodated. However, Desks and Bookcases are generally mid brown to darker brown wood-look in color and finish. Metal file cabinets range in paint finishes from black to off white. Again, please note that color and finish requests cannot be accommodated.

Please note some items may not be available in the current inventory when request is placed.  If the requested item is not available, the work order will be rejected.

Standard surplus items include:

•Single Desk
•Desk with left handed return
•Desk with right handed return
•Tall Bookcase
•Half Height Bookcase
•Tables: sizes and finishes vary.
•Vertical file cabinets 5 drawer typically painted metal.  Colors vary.
•Lateral file cabinets typically metal. Colors vary.  2 drawer, 3 drawer, 4 drawer, and 5 drawer. Able to accommodate if in inventory.  Range in width from 30-42” and height varies in # of drawers.
•Task chairs. Fabrics and colors vary.
•Guest chairs. Fabrics and colors vary.

**No lounge furniture is available at this time. **


All orders involving technology must be coordinated and approved by Information Technology. Contact the Technology Service Desk at (336) 278-5200 for more information.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are considered taxable income by the IRS. Any gift card $75 or above purchased for an Elon University employee using Elon University funding should be reported to payroll* with the employee’s Colleague number so it can be properly taxed per the Internal Revenue Code section 132 (a)(4).

*email should be sent to kmckinney4@elon.edu

IRS Website


Approved/Preferred Vendors and Discounts

The University has relationships with many vendors that offer discounts or are preferred because the business is local, sustainable, minority-owned, women-owned, LGBTIA owned, or otherwise a small business that is historically underutilized. We are also a member of several Group Purchasing Organizations which offer vetted vendors and already negotiated discounts.