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Reporting Bias, Discrimination, Harassment and Violence

Do You Want to Talk with a Confidential Resource?

If you choose to report confidentially, we appreciate your willingness and courage to disclose your experience or an act that you witnesses or heard about. One way to help ensure confidentiality is for you to talk with persons who have an independent "privilege" under the law. At Elon those individuals are listed below. Please know that with confidential or blind reports no identifying information will be shared without your written or verbal permission unless a child (someone under 18) was involved in the incident, or there is reason to believe someone is in immediate physical danger. It is difficult, if not impossible to take action against an offender with a confidential report. We can react to physical actions in which there is evidence of the incident or crime anonymously reported, such as vandalism or abusive social media. There are multiple ways to confidentially report identity-based bias incidents or hate crimes:

For more information about confidential reporting, click here.