Elon works in many ways to celebrate diversity and build a more inclusive community, but we recognize that incidents of bias and hate will occur to and by our community members. When this happens, we want our students, staff and faculty to fully understand their options for support and redress. See our list of definitions related to bias incidents.

The Office of Inclusive Excellence Education & Development (OIEED) provides a comprehensive system to support our community when this occurs. The Bias Education and Response Team (BERT) actively engages the Elon community to document and respond to such instances. This team specifically focuses on the needs of historically minoritized communities. BEST supports affected individuals and populations through education, restorative opportunities, and harm transformation.

The processes carried out by BERT differ from Student Conduct and Human Resources. Avenues of redress through the OIEED are voluntary and center the agency of marginalized individuals and populations. BERT members consult regularly and participate in training to determine effective response mechanisms. This team’s ultimate goal is to support a campus in which students, staff, and faculty are able to reach their fullest potential.

The BERT team is currently being updated. Information about team members will be shared soon.

For more information, contact the OIEED Staff at: