Incidents Occurring August 1, 2021-July 31, 2022

71Total Incidents The total amount of bias-related incidents reported.
195Total Cases Each person involved in a bias-related incident report is a case. Most reports have multiple cases.

Incidents by Demographic

Reported By Number of Incidents
Student 39
University Staff – Professional 15
Anonymous 8
Faculty 3
Campus Safety and Police (Daily Activities Report – DAR) 2
University Staff – Student 2
Parent/Family 1
Other (Town of Elon Police) 1

Incidents by Bias Type

Bias Type Number of Incidents
Classroom Interaction/Content 14
Other 8
Microaggression 7
Bias in Organization (Student Group, Affiliated Group) 6
Verbal/Written Bias, Hate, Harassment – No Perceived Threat 6
Online Engagement/Social Media Post 5
Verbal/Written Bias, Hate, Harassment – Perceived Threat 3
Formal Personnel Process 2
Discrimination 1
Physical Violence 1

Incidents by Targeted Identity

Targeted Identity Number of Incidents
Ethnicity/Race 10
Gender (Expression or Identity) 5
Gender (female, woman, cis-woman presenting) 5
Faith Tradition/Religious Expression 4
Other 3
Ability/Disability 2
Sexual Orientation 2

Outcomes/Response Type

Response Type Number of Incidents
Supportive and/or Educational Measures from Office of Inclusive excellence Education and Development (Only) 48
Referred to Title IX 11
Referred to student conduct 6
Consulted with supervisor 2
Referred to Academic Affairs 2
Referred to Process Advocate/Identity Office 2
Referred to Student Involvement
*Also part of student conduct referrals