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Bias Education at Elon University

As part of Elon’s bias response system, the Office of Inclusive Excellence, Education and Development (OIEED) offers educational opportunities that aim to proactively reduce identity-based bias and bias-related incidents. The OIEED launched a series of Bias Education (BE) workshops: BE Aware, BE Accountable and BE Advocates. Participants in these workshops learn to identify bias, how to utilize Elon’s bias response system and strategies to integrate anti-bias advocacy skills into thinking and practice.

BE workshops are regularly offered to Elon University community members, and departments and groups can request BE workshops by using the Division of Inclusive Excellence request for services form.

Bias Education Workshops

BE AWARE: Unlearning Bias

To work towards equitable outcomes, we must take shared responsibility to be honest about our biases so that we may gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our impact. The first step is general awareness. In this workshop we will:

  • Define bias and other related terminology,
  • Start understanding the difference between our intentions and our impact relating to bias, and
  • Work toward unlearning attitudes that can inform actions / behaviors associated with bias-related incidents.

(The content of this session can set a foundation for the BE Accountable: Identifying and Responding to Bias session)

Learning outcomes:
  1. Recognize that bias exists within all people.
  2. Identify bias attitudes and actions within themselves and others.
  3. Understand the differences between identity-based bias and general biased attitudes.

BE Accountable: Identifying and​​ Responding to​ Bias

As a community, we have a responsibility to hold both ourselves and others accountable to address bias-related incidents. Individuals who can recognize the impact of identity-based bias, can better understand the need to appropriately address bias-related incidents. In this workshop we will:

  • Raise awareness on identifying identity-based bias,
  • Gain an understanding of Elon’s bias reporting system and how to use it, and
  • Develop action steps to work toward creating a culture of accountability and inclusion.

(The content of this session continues from the BE Aware: Unlearning Bias session and sets the foundation for the BE Advocates: Shifting Department/Campus Culture session)

Learning outcomes:
  1. Identify the steps for reporting identity-based bias.
  2. Understand the Bias Response and Education Process at Elon.
  3. Clarify individual roles in identifying and addressing bias.

BE Advocates: Shifting Department and Campus Culture

Advocacy in its purest form produces a culture that prevents bias-related incidents more than just accountability alone. In this workshop we will:

  • Discuss the foundations of anti-bias advocacy;
  • Explore tools for effective advocacy and;
  • Develop actions steps to inform behaviors and actions necessary to promote anti-bias and inclusion in respective departments and offices. while also providing resources for future exploration outside the workshop.

(The content of this session continues from the BE Accountable: Identifying and Responding to Bias session)

Learning outcomes:
  1. Recognize capacity and skills needed to address biased acts/behaviors.
  2. Implement strategies to effectively address biased behaviors and culture.
  3. Integrate anti-bias advocacy skills into daily thinking/practice.