Just for Fun!

Professional development at Elon can be fun! These programs offered throughout the year use a fun approach to learning more about ourselves and each other. 

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

The Office of Leadership & Professional Development is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These groups are employee-driven topic groups that focus on shared interests and experiences. ERGs cover a wide range of topics from single parents to international employees, whatever is on the hearts and minds of employees. The ERGs typically provide support, networking, and personal and professional enrichment opportunities for their members. 

The Office of Leadership & Professional Development will coordinate the first meeting of each group by scheduling meeting space, sending a facstaff announcing the meeting, and providing a buffet lunch. A representative from the Office of Leadership & Professional Development will also assist with the facilitation of the first meeting. During that first meeting, attendees typically determine group goals, meeting dates/times, and future internal facilitators of the group. Following the first group, the Office of Leadership & Professional Development will continue to both schedule the rooms and send the facstaff announcements. The management of the group however, will be the responsibility of the ERG members. Five hundred dollars per year will be awarded to each ERG to buy supplies and meeting materials. The expectation is that an Elon ERG will meet for a minimum of six months, for one hour, one time per month.