Multicultural Coalition

El Centro de Espanol
El Centro provides opportunities for Elon students, faculty, and staff to learn conversational Spanish through immersion, interaction, and community service.

Jewish life at Elon University is both vibrant and growing. Elon Hillel helps students find a balance in being distinctively Jewish and universally human by encouraging them to puruse tzedek (social justice), tikkun olam (repairing the world), and Jewish learning and observance.

Isabella Cannon International Centre
The Cannon Centre is home to Elon’s nationally recognized study abroad program. It also serves as a valuable resource for international students on Elon’s campus, who come from more than 50 nations. Celebrating and recognizing cultural differences is a valuable part of the shared Elon experience.

Truitt Center for Religious and Spiritual Life
The Truitt Center is a safe place for spiritual growth and interfaith exploration. Our mission is to encourage students to honor the spiritual dimension of life, be vitally connected to a faith tradition, embrace the present responsibly and the future with hope, and live the principles they value.