Coming Out All Over

Coming Out All Over is an annual event sponsored by Spectrum, Elon’s LGBTQ awareness organization. The purpose of this event is to give a human face to the challenges of disclosing one’s sexual orientation through personal narratives. These intense and incredibly diverse stories serve as reminders of the unique personal struggle of “coming out.” Topics usually include, but are not limited to, identity realization, affirmation, and assertion.

Coming Out All Over is an event rich in tone and content. Regardless of sexual preference, the program is informative and non-threatening. In past presentations, the program has proven to be an effective community-builder and recruiting tool for allies. Coming Out All Over also serves as a safe haven for students, families, and friends to share controversial and often conflicting misconceptions of the LGBTQ community.

Contact the Multicultural Center for information about this year's Coming Out All Over event.