Five Core Competencies

The Center for Race, Ethnicity & Diversity Education has identified Five Core Competencies to guide the programs and services rendered to students. Each competency represents a deep commitment to student and communal development


Students will gain knowledge in effective leadership skills to mirror The Center for Race, Ethnicity & Diversity Education’s mission and goals: thinking, feeling, vision, listening, speaking/presentation skills, action, and fitness.

Identity Development

Students will learn the social history of self and explore how other cultures and subcultures function in society. A significant part of learning will address one’s biases, misconceptions, preconceived notions, and stereotypes.

Global Perspective

Students will participate in researching international affairs, specifically those of third-world countries, while learning about social, political, spiritual, intellectual, physical, and occupational relations that influence life’s advancement.

Personal and Civic Responsibility

Students will take active roles in service-learning initiatives and immersion experiences to be better-informed citizens. They will seek national charities that promote respect and civility toward underserved individuals and groups. Individually, students will take a personal inventory of their ability to manage money, finances, health, destiny, emotions, and their spiritual journey.

Life Skills

Recognizing that there are many life skills, but no definitive answers to life’s challenges, students will be exposed to the following psychosocial and interpersonal skills: interpersonal communication, negotiation, cooperation/teamwork, advocacy, critical thinking, and self-management.