Diversity Education and Training 

The mission of The Center for Race, Ethnicity & Diversity Education is to provide students, faculty, and staff with a transformative diversity education needed to function effectively in a diverse world. The Center for Race, Ethnicity & Diversity Education prides itself on leading difficult dialogues through teaching, learning, outreach, and activism. The Center for Race, Ethnicity & Diversity Education aims to develop a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment that welcomes diverse experiences and perspectives. The following services are rendered to students, faculty, and staff through the Diversity Emerging Education Program (DEEP).

Diversity in the Classroom and Curriculum

Curriculum Development includes providing resources and assistance for students, faculty and staff to enhance diversity in an intellectual community that emphasizes active student engagement. In collaboration with other partners across campus such as The Center for Teaching and Learning, The Center for Race, Ethnicity & Diversity Education contributes to the rigorous undergraduate curriculum and innovative pedagogies across disciplines by championing intellectual diversity in classroom management, syllabus development and faculty development. It also assists students in becoming global citizens and informed leaders by advising of students of diverse populations. This includes:Syllabus Development, Pedagogical Best Practices, Faculty Development, Diversity Design, Diversity Infusion Scholars, and Assessment.


Diversity Workshops and Training

Diversity Education is a series of in-depth facilitated discussions designed to examine the many different perspectives that exist in our community and to gain a greater understanding of how to engage and lead difficult dialogues effectively. Each facilitated discussion will engage participants in a dialogue that focuses on power, privilege, oppression, and/or inequality. Recognizing that some of these discussions can be overwhelming, trained facilitators will be available to promote a healthy climate discussion. The following series are perfect for student leaders, campus units/departments, and other groups: Think Tank, Difficult Dialogue Series, Diversity Lecture Series,Intersect Conference.Diversity Workshops are designed to provide students, faculty,  and staff with the opportunity to actively participate indiversity assimilation exercises to increase awareness of the lived experiences of diverse populations. Diverse populations is being defined as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, national origin, race, disability, class, religion, gender, among others. The purpose of diversity workshops is to increase awareness and understanding of the different perspectives and experiences on campus and in the community and how we can work together to make a difference in all lived experiences. Upon request, all workshops can be modified to meet the needs of the audience. Workshops provided: Identity Formation, Diversity Continuum, House of Privilege, DEEP Impact, Tunnel of Oppression, and Journey Walk



Benefits of our workshops and seminars include:

  • Learning the information and skills to lead diversity education conversations.
  • Addressing biased perspectives and comments effectively.
  • Developing techniques for managing diverse perspectives and languages.
  • Understanding the benefits of diversity education.
  • Developing a diverse perspective on class, race, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, and anti-semitism.
  • Learning to present information in a clear, concise, and engaging manner.
  • Learning effective strategies for understanding complex issues surrounding diversity.           


DEEP Impact

This is an interactive media resource designed to engage participants in a conversation-starter for diversity and multicultural topics. The video presentation includes seven vignettes designed to promote awareness and appreciation of diversity while addressing personal biases to prevent discrimination and disrespectful behavior. Topics include race, gender, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, class, and anti-semitism. DEEP Impact’s objective is to create an environment of trust, respect, and inclusion and move the conversation from tolerance to advocacy. View more information about DEEP Impact.

To request a Deep Impact session, please fill out this form and return it to The Center for Race, Ethnicity & Diversity Education