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Husser appears on Special Report with Bret Baier

Husser offered his insights in the controversy surrounding the 9th District Congressional race in North Carolina for the nightly national FOX News program. 

Jason Husser, associate professor of political science and director of the Elon University Poll, recently offered his insights into the controversial outcome of an N.C. Congressional race for Special Report with Bret Baier, a nightly national news program from FOX News. 

The segment focused on the N.C. 9th District, which for now is going unrepresented following allegations that operatives used the absentee ballot system to try to sway the election. The race remains uncertified, meaning that no one was sworn in to represent the district when Congress reconvened last week. 

Husser provided an overview of how the contested election could play out, with the courts possibly stepping in to certify the results that put Rep. Mark Harris as the victor, and Harris possibly arriving in Washington, D.C., but House leaders refusing to seat him. 

"My prediction is that we won't see really any kind of decision happening until at least February," Husser said. 

Watch the entire segment here

Owen Covington,
1/7/2019 2:25 PM