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Digital Badges as an Open Passport for Learning

January 7
1:00 - 2:00pm
TLT Office (Belk Library 115)

Speaker: Kyle Bowen, Director of Informatics, Purdue University

As we continue to reshape the form and method of instruction, it is increasingly important to recognize learning in all of its dimensions. Institutions have historically used "credit" as a blunt instrument to recognize course completion. Digital badges provide a new way to visually represent learning, achievements, skills, interests, or competencies that are linked to evidence of students' work. Purdue University recently launched Passport as a way to engage students and provide a new means of assessing learning. In this webinar, Kyle Bowen will explore the key concepts and lessons learned around Purdue's badge initiative and future directions for the technology.

Advanced registration is not required. Contact TLT at tlt@elon.edu or 278-5006 for more information.


Teaching & Learning Technologies,
1/3/2013 8:49 AM