Campus Wide Emergency

A.  Notification of a CAMPUS WIDE EMERGENCY or a disaster will be made to the campus community by using one or more of the following communication channels:

  1. Broadcast alerts through telephone speakers located in classrooms, office phones, and common/area hall phones in residence halls
  2. Campus wide email.
  3. WSOE and/or other local radio or TV stations.
  4. Public address system announcements through Campus Safety and Police.
  5. Person to person in academic and administration buildings through faculty and administrators, physical plant employees or building coordinators.
  6. Person-to-person in residence halls by Residence Life staff.
  7. Desktop computer alerts
  8. Campus Digital Signage will broadcast the emergency message
  9. E-Net website ( LiveSafe App (for those that have downloaded the app)
  10. Text message alerts – must be signed up through E-Alert: Elon’s Notification System online:
  11. Elon’s official Facebook and Twitter sites

B.  What You Should Do in an Emergency:
Depending on the type and extent of the emergency, you will be instructed to evacuate a building or a portion of the campus and move to a safe area, or you will be instructed to remain in the building and await further instructions. In the unlikely event that the entire campus needs to be evacuated, you will receive instructions on how to leave the Elon University and surrounding metropolitan area via a pre-designated evacuation route.

C.  Campus Emergency:

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Listen carefully to instructions.
  3. Move out of the building you are in and go to other campus buildings/areas as instructed or
  4. Remain in the building and await further instructions
  5. Do not return to your residence halls or office in another building to retrieve personal possessions unless you are instructed to do so.
  6. Stay in the building until the emergency has passed and you receive instructions that it is safe to leave.